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About Yong Mama Prawn Muruku

Made from natural ingredients that you can see and taste!

Crispiest & Tastiest Prawn Crackers in town! We are selling a taste from the good old days. Every piece of the prawn cracker is made of years of heart, soul, lots of pride, and with only premium ingredients. There are no added preservatives and artificial fillers in our products. Yong Mama uses traditional techniques and premium quality of locally sourced ingredients to create a taste of the good old days for our customers. Our number one goal is to deliver food that is premium and authentic.

Fresh Egg

Farm Fresh Egg

Fresh egg works as binder which helps to hold all the ingredients together. We work with local supplier and get our fresh egg in the farm.

Fresh Sea Shrimp

Sea Shrimp ( Pantai Remis )

There is no secret or special ingredient to make our muruku tastes great, just FRESH and CLEAN sea shrimp.

Sesame Seed

White Sesame

Not only loaded with nutrients and they’re able to enhance any food with its delicate nutty taste.

Peanut oil

Peanut Oil

We use only high quality peanut oil to cook our fresh prawn muruku.

Product Details

Packaging Size/ Dimension Weight MOQ Shelf life Buy Here
YONG MAMA Prawn Muruku PACKAGINGAluminium Foil Resealable Bag (N2 gas) (W)160mm x (L)250mm x (BG)45mm Thickness: 108 Micron 50g 5,000 Pack 12 months YONG MAMA SHOPEE Buy Here
YONG MAMA Prawn Muruku PACKAGINGPet Plastic Jar PET Jar 4018 Ø115 x 165 mm (1400 ml) 330 - 350g 24 bottles 90-120 Days -
YONG MAMA Prawn Muruku PACKAGINGLoose Pack - 1.0 KG 10KG 90-120 Days -

Frequently Asked Questions

Suitable for Muslim?

Yes. Halal certified by JAKIM. MS 1500 | 1070-01/2021

The ingredients of the product?

Ingredients: Sea prawn, flour, chili powder, egg, cooking oil, sugar, white sesame.

How to store?

Avoid direct sunlight, extremely hot or cold location. Store in a dry area. Best consumed within 3-5 days of opening.

Does Yong Mama Prawn Muruku contains any preservatives or food addictive?