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OEM Service

OEM service

Yong Mama provides a comprehensive R & D, Quality Control, and one stop OEM service to suit our customers’ needs and requirements.

Why choose Yong Mama?

  • 1- Top quality & taste
    Yong Mama aims to bring only the best products from Malaysia to around the world. Our in-house specialty snack is made from local sea prawns with Yong Mama's secret recipe. We have a strong commitment to health and nutrition therefore Yong Mama muruku does not have any artificial additives nor preservatives.
  • 2- Food Safety & Halal certified
    Food safety is our top priority. We carefully select our raw materials and ingredients from reputable and reliable sources. From raw materials, ingredients to the handler in Yong Mama were certified HALAL by Jakim.
  • 3- Certificate Compliance
    Our manufacturing facility is MeSTI and HALAL certified. With MeSTI and HALAL certifications, we can prove to our customers that we take quality assurance to the utmost level.
  • 4- Low MOQ & OEM
    We accept low quantity orders. We are also a leading OEM direct manufacturing partner. Talk to us for OEM service.

OEM Service Flow

1. Talk with us

Our team is always ready to help.

2. Trail Production

We will customise ingredients and recipe according to your needs.

3. Quotation

We will quote based on the product development planning after proofing.

4. Order Confirmation

We will have a contractual agreement and deposit is required.

5. Manufacturing & Shipment

We will start manufacturing, packaging and deliver the finished goods.

6. Final Payment

Final payment, and we wish to serve you again.