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About YONG MAMA Prawn Muruku


A food story begins in Ipoh.

Like most food businesses, a family is what it all started.

Once upon a time in 1999, Madam Chua Siew Yong came across some scrumptious shrimp chips during one of her rounds selling her homemade cookies and pastries in her neighborhood.

She was awe-struck and decided to recreate the recipe because it was so memorable. Before long, she perfected the desired recipe and shared the idea with her husband. With only one wok and a spatula, their teamwork soon developed into a small business selling their incredible prawn muruku creation. Luckily for them, living in a Kampung Nelayan (Pantai Remis, Taiping) proved beneficial. Fresh seafood was plentiful straight from the dock so they never ran out of their main ingredient, prawns.

Over the years selling to friends and family, Madam Chua found new and better ways to enhance their prawn muruku recipe because quality is always a must. From selling to friends and family over several years, Yong Mama then began to sell to the whole community and expanding to online platforms.

Food quality and safety are the top concerns for Yong Mama, recipe improvements were made to resolve these issues without impacting the flavor their customers have grown to love. Also, We carefully select our raw materials and ingredients from reputable and reliable sources. From raw materials, ingredients to the handler in Yong Mama were Muslim friendly.

Our manufacturing facility is MeSTI and HALAL certified. With the certifications, we can prove to our customers that we take quality assurance to the utmost level.